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With You In Mind

Let MMB Hypnotherapy, assist you on your way to a healthier and happier life.

My name is Mark Bessell. I have had an interest in anything mind related for many years. Reading anything from biographies to books that discussed the inner workings of the criminal mind. From here I developed an interest in hypnosis and the good that hypnotherapy can do. This interest pushed me into applying for a comprehensive hypnotherapy diploma course (see below for details).

To be totally honest, a few years before I developed this interest, I laughed off the thought of hypnosis and just regarded it as, well, stupid. I can now see why it is important to get the facts about a subject before waving it away or ridiculing it. Learning, studying, practicing and qualifying as a registered hypnotherapist has opened me up to a new way of thinking.

I continue to learn and study. No-one should stop improving, especially if it benefits the wellbeing of others. There is simply always more to learn and ways to improve. Luckily, my interest in the mind and hypnotherapy makes learning a pleasure.

My need for change and to help others improve the quality of their life pushed me to do everything I needed to make it a reality. So I strived for it and made it happen.

Now it's your turn.

Using various hypnotherapy techniques, together we will look to ease or free you of the issue and create a long-lasting, effective change.

No matter what issues you’re facing, get ready to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back. 

I am a client-centred hypnotherapist practicing from The Devon Clinic, Paignton. Sessions can also be online if preferred.

To assure you are in safe, confident and reliable hands:

I have earned a Diploma from one of the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training Courses in the U.K:

I am also registered with:​

For any other queries, concerns or to book a consultation, click below:

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